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SURF CUP Poker cards

SURF CUP Poker cards

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The day was so epic that sleeping is out of the question.
Magic Seaweed reports calm and there is no set to be seen on the horizon.
You're short on cash and want to get some money out of the other surfers' pockets while playing poker?
Your longing for salt water in your nose and sand between your toes is unbearable!

For all these cases I created the SURF CUP Poker cards !

In countless hours, with a lot of passion, a unique set of cards has been created with which 14 different games can be played. From serious poker to Mau - Mau to drinking games like Kings Cup, you can shave days without swell or the night before set in the morning. Play, gamble, drink. It's in your hands. The main thing is that you have fun - and surf your wave!

The SURF CUP poker cards were designed in Munich and printed in Germany. For short delivery routes and the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

Possible games:

  • card games
    Watten, Mau-Mau, Skat, Schafskopf short hand, Poker, King, Bridge, Badugi, Barbu, Shithead
  • drinking games
    Ring of fire / Kings CUP, asshole, higher or lower, lies
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